Bluedot Premier H-F Antidote Gel First Aid Kit

£39.99 (excl VAT)
The Premier H-F Gel (Each) kit is designed and targeted towards protecting those who may be exposed to or in close proximity of Hydrofluoric Acid, chemicals or other hazardous substances. With more content than our standard H-F Antidote Gel kit, the Premier Kit is aimed at larger establishments with a larger workforce.

H-F Antidote Gel from Bluedot is the UK’s most trusted burn care product, providing instant treatment and relief from acid burns. Its gel formula and specialist active ingredients make it the ideal treatment in an emergency situation, protecting the burn site from prolonged chemical damage as it fights to stop calcium in bones being eroded by the acid.

Kit contains: 4 x 25g Tubes of H-F Antidote Gel, 2 x Pairs of Medium Vinyl Gloves, 2 x Bottles of Blue Dot Buffer eyewash solution. Contained within a wall mountable protective case.

Key Features:-

Provides immediate relief by creating a barrier between the acid and wound.
Prevents acid reaching vital organs, protecting from potentially lethal damage.
Neutralises the effect of the acid through its specialist active ingredients.
Promotes wound healing as part of a comprehensive wound treatment programme.
3-Step Treatment
As soon as any contaminated clothing has been removed, treatment can begin.

1. Wash the burn area with clean water for at least 60 seconds.
2. Massage H-F Antidote Gel into the area for 15 minutes.
3. Assess whether medical attention is needed.

Whilst this topical treatment may be sufficient to treat smaller acid burns, medical assessment is always recommended. H-F Antidote Gel should never be used on or around the eye area.


Ref: 86164 for a pack of 12 x 25g Tubes.

Ref: 90889 for a single 25g Tube.
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