240ml Stericlens® Sterile Saline Spray (Each)

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Stericlens® is a versatile topical irrigation and wound cleansing system. Its narrow spray is designed to help remove debris and bacterial matter without touching the wound.

Stericlens® features unique spraying technology that allows it to spray when held in any position – even upside down.

Irrigation: Narrow, directional nozzle allows for precise irrigation of dirt and bacterial matter.
Convenient, hygienic and no waste.
Designed to help remove debris and bacterial matter without actually touching the wound, maintaining good infection control and hygiene practises.
Can be used many times - ensuring minimal wastage due to convenient aerosol application method - can even spray upside down if required.
Spray over the area being treated of about a distance of 10 to 12cm to thoroughly irrigate and cleanse it
Precaution: do not use for injections. For external use only. Do not spray near or into the eyes
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240ml cans for maximum value
Handy 100ml size can for maximum convenience
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