Astroplast Pull N Open Alcohol Free Wipes Dispenser (Pack 24)

£14.99 (excl VAT)
The new compact wipe dispenser ideal for use in any are of business;containing;the most used items in a first aid kit. Reduces costs by up to 35% using the Pull 'n' Open wipes &;plasters Easy view at a glance stock control Wall mountable, supplied with wall fixings Plaster types can be mixed in dispenser Pilferproof and Dustproof Select the plaster usage file in resources to see how to use each type of plaster.IMPORTANT - How to apply a plaster1. Always wash hands before treating wound.2. Clean wound with water or antiseptic wipe.3. Dry the wound and surrounding area.4. Pull and apply plaster pressing down edges firmly.5. For secure results, do not reposition plaster.
Product Code: 1601022
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