SteriZar Alcohol Free Antibacterial Foam Hand Sanitiser 50ml

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Our range of SteriZar anti bacterial alcohol free products offer multipurpose hard surface cleaners and sanitisers to hand sanitising foams. The range is all designed to give you long lasting protection to both the user but also the working environment and it has been clinically tested to remain effective for 30 days to BS EN 13697 standards. Our SteriZar range has been clinically tested to kill MRSA, C Diff, E Coli, Salmonella and 99.99% of other bacteria. It is also tested to be both food safe and skin friendly and in all the tests carried out against British Standards as set out below, SteriZar out performed the required standards: C Diff BS EN 13704 5 mins E Coli BS EN 1276 Staphylococcus Aureus BS EN 1276 Enterococcus Hirae BS EN 1276 Pseudomonas Aeruginosa BS EN 1276 Salmonella BS EN 1276 Listeria BS EN 1276 Aspergillus Niger BS EN 1275 Candida Albicans BS EN 1275 Legionella Pneumophila BS EN 13623 Mycobacterium Avium BS EN 14348 Mycobacterium Terrae BS EN 14348 Steptcotoccus Equi BS EN 1656 Norovirus BS EN 14476 All the tests above were carried out by an independent laboratory and these can be provided if you require the results in further detail.SteriZar has also undergone skin sensitivity tests and this shows that there are no adverse dermatological effects when it comes in to the contact with human skin for 24 hours. There is also no residual onganoleptic residual effect of SteriZar when used to clean stainless steel surfaces under normal cleaning conditions and its advanced barrier protection tested to BS EN 13697 show treated areas remain contamination free for a minimum period of 30 days.
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